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Drinking With Ron White

Because I can....

Overlooked Losses

There has been a lot of press, blog entries and chatter about the closure of the Pub and the impact on the local music scene. There was considerable coverage of the Pub's auction [it was unique to watch decades of history be divided into lots to be sold to the highest bidder]. What has not really been mentioned is that downtown Wausau has also lost another restaurant.

Yes, Scott Street was a great music venue, but am I the only one missing sizzler steaks, Pub Burgers, and grilled tuna sandwiches? Great food, great prices. The grill was open for lunch, stayed open later than most other downtown restaurants, and one of the few that operated on Sunday. As much as I miss playing at 124 (and 126) Scott Street, I truly miss stopping in to eat.

When I moved to the downtown area three and a half years ago, there had been considerable development to 'save downtown': the Heinemann Building apartments, the Gateway at Washington Square - including the Jefferson Street Inn and City Gr…

It's Your Fault

There is this person I know who leads a rather tragic existence. When there are one hundred choices to make and 99 of them are positive, this person will choose the 1 option that will have horrific consequences. To make it worse, the 'decisions' this person makes are apparently the result of everyone else not doing enough to prevent these disasters from happening.

It is your fault. How could you let this happen to me?

I really don't understand this way of life. Nor can I understand the fact that this person doesn't realize that they are pushing everyone in their life away. Then again, I guess that isn't their fault either, is it?

Rain as Inspiration

From my perch above the Southwest sky, Rib Mountain silently slid in and out of visibility as the rain drizzled this grey Sunday away.

Rain has served as an inspiration for millions of songs, stories, poems and moods. Funny, I don't have a rain song, but I have mentioned the Bevent Home for the Insignificant in three pieces. That just doesn't seem right, does it?


accidate - [ak-si-deyt], verb, noun. acci·dat·ed, acci·dat·ing.

An accidental date. I thought we were just hanging out, then I realized I was on an accidate.