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Houses on the Move - Scott Street Wausau

Another of those situations where I was in the right place at the right time. The historic Marchetti and Nathan Houses moving past the Dudley Building [approx 1:15 am CST]:

New Jim Carlson Stuff

Hello faithful reader(s)!

Been working on two web geek things:

1. A Jim Carlson Facebook 'Band' Page. Facebook's functionality keeps getting better and better. In fact, using Facebook is much easier than MySpace, especially on posting and inviting people to my gigs. [The new page allows me to invite all my 'fans' to a gig with one click....nice.] There are also areas for fans to upload photos, videos and create discussion boards.

So, feel free to head over to the new page and 'fan' me! [Don't worry MySpacer's....I'll keep updating my MySpace Jim Carlson Music page.]

2. I've been tossing around creating a new marketing blog that deals with internet marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and music marketing. The irony is that I learned internet marketing to promote my music, especially my "Out of Fashion" time, internet marketing became my day job. So without further ado, I present my new blog: JimCarlsonDotNet.

What yo…

The Jim Carlson Trio / Cool Hand @ Mickeys 5-22-08

Thursday, May 22nd, The Jim Carlson Trio and Cool Hand shared the stage at Mickey's Billiards.

The Jim Carlson Trio was the reunited "Out of Fashion" line up: with Roger Bardo (bass) and Sean McCue (drums).

A unique performance note: This was the first Trio show that I played completely acoustic guitars, just my 60's Strat. It was a nice change up.

As you can see from the pics, the Trio becomes Cool Hand when Rob Piehl jumps on stage. My role simply changes from 'Trio leader' to 'guitarist' as Rob leads the band.

The Jim Carlson Trio
Roger Bardo (bass), Sean McCue (drums)
Jim Carlson (voice/guitar)
Cool Hand
Rob Piehl (voice/guitar), Jim Carlson (guitar)
Roger Bardo (bass), Sean McCue (drums)

Red Eye Brewing Company

Friday night was my first opportunity to stop by Downtown Wausau's latest restaurant/brewpub, Red Eye Brewing Company.

Service was quick and friendly despite the fact that the place was packed. [The Exibitour certainly helped draw in people who were already downtown.] The beer was tasty, and the handcrafted pizza was tasty without being heavy.

Kudos to Kevin Eichelberger and his crew, check em out!

Free Albums: NIN, The Charlatans & More

By now, most of you know about the Radiohead In Rainbows free album download, which is no longer available.....

Last week Nine Inch Nails offered a free download of The Slip, following the release of some free tracks of Ghosts.

Today I was checking out Sky News and read the article: 'It's Time To Make Us Some Money' which talks about British band The Charlatans who offered up their latest album, "You Cross My Path" for free on XFM and have decided to tour to generate revenue.

All that lead me to a great blog that specializes in free, legal album (not just track) downloads: Free Albums Galore.

It is clear, well established artists can give away music and later sell it (as Radiohead, NIN and The Charlatans have done) without traditional record label support much like independent musicians have been doing for years.

A lot of the revenue these bands generate is coming from special edition packaging of their work and touring. It is a simple formula: give music away to fan…

Saltine Sally

saltine sally - [sawl-teen] [sal-ee], verb, noun.

A saltine sally is a person who is a wussy, square cracker. Damn it Mumbles, quit acting like a saltine sally!

[Origin: 2008, Americanism; Credited to singer songwriter Jim Carlson]