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Jim Carlson Updates

A couple of brief announcements. First of all, three shows have been added for April 2009:

04-04-09 - The Jim Carlson Trio Featuring: John Hocker and Sean McCue - Mickey's Billiards04-08-09 - Jim Carlson Solo - Malarkey's Pub04-18-09 - Jim Carlson & Roger Bardo - RedEye Brewing CompanyNew Logos: I've been playing with some new logo ideas, here are the latest:

New Music: After listening to the scrapped 'Further Out' sessions, I found a few gems that have triggered new writing, arranging and recording of basic tracks. I'm having fun working with the material, but at this point there is no imminent release date scheduled.

The Jim Carlson Trio: After a bit of a break, the Jim Carlson Trio is returning to the stage. Although the Trio had a pretty consistent line up over the last couple of years, I fully expect that this year you will various versions of the Trio. What are the versions?

Doc Holiday Era Trio: Jim Carlson, Roger Bardo (bass), Brian Miller (drums)Out of…