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Performing Again

Yesterday, I played my first full show in nearly seven months. The show was supposed to be on the deck at The Bar of Wausau (which is the one by Cedar Creek, not the old Gas Lite), but 20 mile an hour winds brought the show indoors.

I wasn't really sure how my acoustic music would go over in a club more known as a 'sports bar' with 'dance club', but it went well. The crowd was lite, but welcoming. (Memorial Day Weekend is always a challenge, unless your are near a body of water or in a 'destination' town.) By the way, The Bar has a pretty good menu, which will be expanding later this month.

I was a little nervous about performing in general. The majority of my set list had collected dust since my last show in December. I was wondering if I would butcher my songs, and sure enough, there were some blunders. I completely killed a new song, (I never wrote the lyrics down, and I completely blanked - deer in the headlights style). The crowd shared a laugh …


For a while now, I've been privately writing on the impact choices have on our lives, and the lives of others.

The theory of choices is endless. One choice leads to another, which leads to another; ad nausea. Before long, these choices make up our lives. Some of these choices are conscious, some are not.

Now sure, there are times in life when we are at the mercy of other's actions. This can be random or the result of placing ourselves in compromising positions.

My basic conclusion of an extremely complex theory is simple: The decisions we make today form our future.

Fixing Things

It seems as though people are constantly trying to fix things. In their own lives, in relationships and attempts of mending others. One of the hardest lessons in life is learning when you can't repair things. Oddly enough, it can also be extremely refreshing and liberating....