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The Final Gigs at Scott Street Steak & Pub

I've tried to write this entry several times now. The first attempt came across as poorly written eulogy for a funeral. "She was a good Pub, lots of great memories. She will be missed." The second attempt was like a coach trying to rally the team together, "We've seen some great bands here, it has been an honor to share the stage. The Pub may be gone, but the music and memories will live on..." Rubbish.

Much has been written about the way the Pub was closed down by CSI: Wausau. [To check out press/blog coverage, scroll down or click here.] All I have to say is that somewhere, someone could have picked up the phone and said, "We're closing you down at midnight, be prepared". I guess that would be too easy... it is a bigger statement to have officers enforce a vague interpretation of a licensing issue.

By random chance, I was scheduled to play the last Thursday night the Pub was to be open. I knew from the outset, that this would be no ordina…

The Pub's Last Dance

Scott Street Steak and Pub was scheduled to close at the end of business on June 30th. The Wausau Police department closed the pub at the end of the 'legal day', forcing the Corpse Show Creeps and the disappointed crowd to move the Pub's going away party to the Pollack Inn.

Much has been said on this, so for now I'll link to other sources of information:
Wausau Blog Article on Closing (Check out the comments)
Wausau Blog on Saving Video / Mural
Additional Wausau Blog Coverage: Penultimate Night, Scott Street Winding Down
Wausau Blog's Flickr Photos of the Pub and Close Down

WSAW News Coverage (with Video)

Wausau Daily Herald Article (Pre-show Coverage)

Corvino's Photos

After hitting Green bay on Sunday, Milwaukee Monday, today I head to Minneapolis. I will blog about my final performances at the pub soon.