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Corporate Sponsorship Fail - Honda Civic Tour

Last night (8-24-2014) The Honda Civic Tour appeared at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. There were three bands on the bill:

STRFKR (Starfucker)Portugal. The ManGrouplove Here's the thing: We found out about this gig from STRFKR's website and ordered tickets. When I printed them, I thought I ordered the wrong show, as STRFKR wasn't on the ticket. A Google search confirmed they were on the bill.
Honda, apparently either didn't have a say in STRFKR's participation on the tour, or they didn't have the balls to associate themselves with it. 

The irony is that, last night, Honda was mocked by the very audience they were trying to attract.

Well, they won't put us on the sign, but we ARE PLAYING in Milwaukee tonight. 7:30 sharp! #fukhonda— STRFKR (@starfucker) August 24, 2014Honda are assholes for not mentioning them at all but @starfucker killed it tonight. #hondacivictour#strfkrisbestband— Charles O'Connor (@Chuckyobitch) August 25…