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It's been a while....

'It’s been a while since you’ve been around
A stranger to this town - An empty lost and found'
When Love Dies from the forthcoming Jim Carlson album Further Out

For the last four months, I've been quiet. It is not that things are not happening, I'd just rather not talk about the details (or the generalities, for that matter).

I've started several posts and writing them has been reflective and therapeutic, but I just couldn't hit the 'publish' button. Sometimes this media seems rather self indulgent.

Musically, things have been interesting. On the Saturday before Saint Patrick's Day, The Jim Carlson Trio hit the stage at Mickey's Billiards with an unconventional line up that included John Hocker on bass along with former Les Nillissen Band drummer Dave Keefe and Cool Hand front man Rob Piehl on rhythm / lead guitar. The trio was once again a four piece.

Now it is not unusual to see Rob and I on stage together, but historically I'm playing rhythm …