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Thanks for the Sweater

For years, I received sweaters as gifts. I accepted them, and promptly never wore them. See the problem was that sweaters and I just didn't get along.

It wasn't that I didn't like the look of sweaters I had received. They were quite nice. In fact, they weren't gaudy. You'd unlikely wear one to an ugly sweater party.

The problem was me. I simply was too hot for sweaters. No, I'm not being conceited here. I have always been warm blooded. Put me in a sweater, and I'd burn up. Too hot. A bucket of sweat.

Fast forward to the Winter of 2010. This winter has been cold. For example today was -17F below zero.

So anyway, I've raided my (almost vintage) unworn sweaters this year. They are very nice, and I'm thankful that I have them.

If you've given me a sweater in the last few years and were upset that I never wore it, I think I might have worn it yesterday. Or the day before. Or it will be worn later this week. Thank you.