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Sunday, Sun, Sweat

My outdoor show at The Bar of Wausau was, well, hot. It was almost 90 degrees, I was in the sun.... and my Scandinavian blood was simmering. The Coppertone Sport sun block dripped into my eyes, making singing difficult, comfort impossible.

The crowd was great. Missy's birthday was a blast.....John is a saint. The after party spilled to the open mic at the Glass Hat. Note: Future shows at The Bar will be from 5-9 (as opposed to 4-8).

Thursday is my last show @ Scott Street Steak and Pub. Saturday is the final show. There will be several bands (The Jim Carlson Trio included) with the Corpse Show Creeps as the Pub's final act. Bring your camera. Send me your pics.

My Final Pub Shows - June 28th & June 30th

As many of you know, Scott Street Steak and Pub is officially closing on June 30th. My final acoustic show will be June 28th. Guests are welcome, but please let me know in advance if you'd like to play.

The Jim Carlson Trio will play at the Pub Closing Party on June 30th. Also scheduled to appear: Cool Hand and the Corpse Show Creeps.

Please keep an eye on Jim Carlson Music dot com for additional details.

Scott Street Steak and Pub Memories Volume 1

Scott Street Steak and Pub, at one time, was arguably the mecca of the Wausau music scene. Sure, there were hard rock clubs and country music bars, but to my knowledge, only Scott Street supported three (yes, three) house bands. It was not uncommon to have regional and national acts stop by to perform or to catch a drink while passing through.

The Pub was the place to be. Suit and tie folks (I bet they hate those four words put together like that...) rubbed elbows with the hippies, while the factory workers mingled with the artists. Dollar burgers, an amazing selection of beer and live music brought people from all walks of life together as equals. Equals.

Petrified Alien Brain dominated Thursday nights. Les Nillissen started playing on Tuesday nights and before long, Mary and the Mercenaries migrated from the Hiawatha to fill Wednesday nights.

When I heard that Les had secured the Tuesday night slot, I went up to him, introduced myself and asked if he would let me play a few tunes …

This Is Why I Keep My Camera With Me

Anigo, WI 1:18 PM CST

Lights. It is All About the Lights.

Thursday's City Pages article on my Rockyesque return to the stage set the tone. Friday's gig would be no ordinary show.

I thought about bringing my meager light rig to Mickeys, but decided against it when I remembered that there was a house rig... When I arrived at Mickey's and looked up, the lights were gone. [They are in the process of updating their rig.] So after a quick trip home to grab my lights, it was show time.

John Hocker (bass) and Sean McCue (percussion) joined me and the three piece Jim Carlson Trio was resurrected. [For the last few years, the Trio has been a four piece with the addition of Will Heisler on guitar/vocals/harmonica.]

With the last [four piece] Trio show over seven months behind us, one would think the event would have been nerve wracking. One less player, a ton of time since we'd played together. It wasn't. From the first song on, we clicked.

I should mention that performing as a three piece acoustic act is considerably more challen…