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Precert on the Square Wrap Up

The Wausau Symphony Band and the Precert crowd got along fine. The Band played their concert, then we played the Precert. Good times, good people, good food and pretty good music.

The Precert Crowd

Rob Piehl, Jim Carlson, Will Heisler, L Charles.

John Hocker, Will Heisler

Jim Carlson, Will Heisler

Precert on the Square

We ended last year's concert season with our very own "Noncert on the Square"... And plan to begin this year's season with our very own "Precert on the Square"...

Who: Jim Carlson & Rob Piehl with Friends or who ever shows up.
When: Wednesday, June 18th, 6:00 pm.
Where: The 400 Block Square, Downtown Wausau.

Bring your picnic baskets, your booze (if you're 21+), your blankets/lawnchairs and your friends (if you have them).

Additional Information:
This is a very informal gathering, all musicians welcome. It is a big park, we can take turns or spread out.

The Precert is an acoustic gathering, no amps.

****Late Breaking Update****
The Wausau Symphony will also be appearing at the 400 block Wednesday from 6-8. We will now play during their breaks. The way I look at it the Wausau Symphony is acoustic, and will make great guests!

Apples @ Subway

Eating healthy is easier.....yogurt and apple slices are side options @ Subway. (Apparently I've been sleeping, they've been available since February.)


BeeVee: [bee][vee]: verb. To state that you are leaving, only to stay.

I was going to leave the party, but I beeveed when I saw Molly was there.

Trapper beeveed in MASH, when he found out ulcers would not get him out of the Army

[Origin: 2008, Americanism; Credited to Brian Veenendall.]

The Breakfast of Champions

Diet Pepsi, Chef Salad with Cheeto crutons, French dressing.....Keith's breakfast...