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Jim Carlson Reunites with Amanda Parks

Jim Carlson will join forces with Amanda Parks at Intermission on December 11, 2009 and January 15, 2009. Amanda has a great voice and song selection, stop on out!

Eight Hours is a Marathon

Performing at Granite Peak is one of my most challenging, yet rewarding gigs. The most difficult factor is time: The shows are a whopping eight hours. Most gigs run in the 3-4 hour range, thus the Peak shows are essentially two back-to-back shows...a double header of sorts. Physically, playing and singing for eight hours is exhausting. My fingers ache, my voice is usually shot. It is more of a workout than a performance!

I'm not complaining. Performing at the Peak reunites me with old friends and provides me the opportunity to perform for people from the all over the region. Performing for such a long time frame also provides time to revisit music that I have not played in a while. The best part of the gig is that the crowd comes and goes, thus there are certain songs that can be played more than once (kind of like a radio station, repeating 'favorite songs at the top of the hour'). Also, I am thankful when guests like Tyler, Rob and Sam stop by to play guest sets!

As diffic…