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Break Update

Lately people have been asking what I've been up to since I've 'quit' playing.

I laugh every time I hear that I've 'quit' performing. For one, my blog entry on the subject should have explained my intentions thoroughly. Secondly, I've actually appeared at several open mics (Intermission, Scott Street Steak and Pub) as well as guesting with Will Heisler on several occasions at Nitzy 9's (most recently last Saturday for a full 'duo' set).

For the most part, I've been enjoying my time away. I have not missed playing as much as I thought I would (although the open mic/guest appearances obviously help). Musically, I have been writing, arranging, but as of this writing I'm not actively recording.... I am also preparing for a private appearance the last weekend of January.

Outside of music, I have been taking care of things in my life that needed attention. I'm taking better care of myself....eating better (actually cooking more), exercising, and I've almost gotten on a 'normal' sleep schedule.

With out being too philosophical here, I have also taken the time to ponder where music will fit into my life once I start scheduling regular gigs again. I am hoping to find a better balance between performing and taking more time to do the things that inspire me to make music in the first place.


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